T V Mohanda Pai MN Pai is a very accomplished Chartered Accountant and well respected in the profession. As the leader of the Kshamata  programme he has been responsible for substantially enhancing life skills and self confidence in more than 2000 young Scholars over the last 5 years. The transformation in these scholars is truly extraordinary. I have known him for over 6 years closely and hold him in very high regard  for his outstanding personal abilities and his commitment and  achievements in the Kshamata programme.
deepak menon I have known M.N. Pai for at least eight years and have had the opportunity of working with him during this time. MN, as I call him, is a professional of unimpeachable integrity. He is a suave, soft-spoken gentleman who wins the hearts of the people he deals with and this makes him an exceptional leader. His commitment, dedication and sincerity make him highly reliable and trustworthy.
basti vaman shenoyMN PAI has been instrumental in spearheading softskills development programmes of World Konkani Centre under the KSHAMATA academy. The KSHAMATA programmes have been built by M.N.Pai and his team from the scratch. He has been responsible for coordinating the content development, creating a pool of highly professional trainers and planning the schedule of the training camps every season with 6 different levels of training programmes. The KSHAMATA has achived the training target of 3000 mandays within 4 years of its inception. World Konkani Centre thankful to Shri M.N. Pai for this dedicated service he has rendered to the Konkani speaking community.  
IMG-20150307-WA0066Mr. M. N. Pai is known to me for many years, he  is a group oriented individual with a proven record of being a strong motivator for many worthy causes that have helped the Society of Mangalore. M. N. Pai has been a Mentor and motivator for various young men and women who have aspired to be Leaders and Communicators of our vibrant community in India. In these difficult times and changing times good leadership is of vital need specially for the young generation of India who will be able to guide the future destiny of the world of tomorrow. I wish best of success to M. N. Pai for all his future endeavors that will help us a lot.
k raghuMN Pai is committed to creating new leaders, he is hardworking passionate and committed in his goal to empower the young generation of Accountants MN Pai is truly a dynamic leader.
nanu r mallyaI met MN  Pai a few years ago as a fellow Chartered Accountant. And I was pleasantly surprised to see his activities beyond his profession. He is a very good conversationalist, an eloquent speaker and a good leader. He took  great interest in building a team of facilitators in Mangalore for training CA and CA Students in Orientation Programs and General Management &  Communication-Skills programs. He generates a lot of positive energy and motivates people who come in contact with him
1e1f3e8“My association with Mr Pai started three and a half decades back. Since then he continues to be a great friend and a wonderful human being. He is proactive and enthusiastic person, who spreads a lot of positivity to people around him. I wish my good friend all the very best in his endeavors”.