A Chartered Accountant; the Director of Achal Group of Companies; various leadership roles of the College Union, SDM College of Business Management, Mangalore; Lieutenant Governor Marketing, District 92, Toastmasters International… Many are the stints I have accepted with enthusiasm and lived each one of them to the fullest. In every aspect, I have put my best foot forward and tried to do justice to the opportunities given to me and the trust reposed in me.

I have been associated with Achal Industries; Toastmasters International, Institute of Chartered Accountants India, World Konkani Center, Chinmaya School and Mangalore Town Bank for the past 23 years and these organizations continue to be an integral part of my life.

My parents, Sri. Mizar Ramdas Pai and Smt. Annapoorna Pai are my guiding lamps. Since my marriage with Sunila in 1993, she has been my pillar of strength. My sons, Jairamdas and Pradyumna complete our family portrait.

As an avid reader, I believe education plays a vital role in shaping the future of each individual. My work and travel having exposed me to diverse cultures, I am able to communicate in 8 languages including a bit of German, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi.